Working together, working local.

We are a network of industrial electrical solution businesses that are all part of a bigger company, CED. We are working together to help manufacturing plants, OEMs, system integrators, industrial contractors and those that are working the plant-floor drive production efficiencies, reduce energy costs, increase worker safety, and communicate over secure networks. We are not one size fits all, nor are we operating remotely. We are local. We bring our people, our partners, and our products closer to our customers. We're part of the local community. With locations across the country serving customers we can drive to and personally serve face to face, because knowing someone's name and personal attention still matters. We know our industrial customers and their facilities inside and out.


We Know Industrial

Embedded plant-wide, we focus on industrial solutions. We know your operation and what it takes to run your operation. We are continuously training our people and yours as well as bringing in our partner experts to help you compete!

Closer To You

In a business of minutes and hours, you need things when you need them. We stock what industrial customers need, what you need, where you operate. In an age of distribution centers, we bring our knowledge and your products closer to you.

Solutions Consultants Network:

We have a network of individuals in each of our markets that specialize in the solutions below. Our consultants are here to help you DEFINE any issues that may be present in your process, DEVELOP a solution to improve your process and DELIVER that solution with the right components, software and service. We will then help you continuously improve, modernize and stock appropriately for the future.

Energy Solutions:

We develop custom energy solutions with you, that fit your application. We help you discovery and learn what products and systems are available and how they can apply and save you energy. We help advocate for you and find ways to pay for projects with audits, rebates and financing. We will help you manage each project from start to finish with one facility or multiple.

Asset Management Solutions:

Managing your critical stocked materials, your crib, repairs, kitting, job-site trailers and more is a necessity that can pose as a challenge. When assets are managed correctly, this can help drive efficiency and save money. We have solutions to help manage your assets, and together, can help you achieve your inventory strategy and goals. Hope is not an inventory strategy.

Process and Controls Solutions:

Our focus is on your manufacturing processes and the controls that help keep your facility moving efficiently and productively. Not only do we train our personnel in process, controls and networking, but we also provide onsite and in-house training to you, our end-users. We stock the right products and have a team of high-tech consultants to service and support you, locally, but with support from a nationwide network of consultants. Then we have a partner network to help deliver any solution.

Construction Solutions:

Whether you are managing a new build, adding to an existing build or building new machines, having the right products at the right time is important to the success of any project. We understand this and have a team of project managers to ensure that your project is productive and profitable. We have the solutions to help make your job easier and your project successful.

Workforce Solutions:

Your workforce is the most important asset that your facility has. Keeping your workforce informed, safe and efficient is paramount to running a productive and competitive operation. We are here to help keep your most important assets stay ahead of the curve, trained and up to date on advances and changes in the industry. Creating and implementing solutions and providing the products that keep your people and facility safe is what we strive to do.